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Wellness and Medical Care at Palmyra Animal Hospital

Wellness & Medical Care Pets are living longer then ever thanks to improvements in nutrition, in the quality of veterinary medical care and services, and in the availability and effectiveness of preventative medicine. At Palmyra Animal Hospital we are committed to providing, in partnership with dedicated pet owners, the best possible preventative medical care for your pet.

Wellness Exams

Regular wellness exams are the best way to keep your pet healthy and prevent illness or disease before they become too difficult, or too costly, to treat. We recommend yearly wellness examinations for all pets, although sometimes more frequent visits are encouraged. During a wellness exam, our veterinarians will listen to your pet’s heart, check his/her eyes and mouth, and check the body for lumps, among other procedures. Veterinarians are also available at this time to discuss your pet’s nutrition, explain parasite prevention, and address any other questions or concerns that you might have. The annual wellness exam is also a good time to get your pet updated on his/her vaccinations.

Canine Wellness

Feline Wellness


Vaccinations Vaccinations are an essential part of your pet’s health care plan. Thanks to recent advances and breakthroughs in veterinary medicine, vaccinations can protect your pet against most major infectious diseases. Vaccinations are useful in preventing canine distemper, rabies, parvovirus, bordetella (kennel cough), Lyme disease, and other diseases in dogs, and in preventing feline leukemia, respiratory diseases, and rabies in cats. The frequency of receiving vaccinations depends on the individual pet. Your veterinarian will devise a plan that will work for you and your pet’s health.


Microchipping Every year animals go missing and are never found again. Microchipping your pet is a safe, simple way to avoid this tragedy. A microchip is a small electronic device about the size and shape of a grain of rice. It is implanted between your pet’s shoulder blades and stays there for the pet’s entire life. The procedure is as easy and painless as a vaccine. Each microchip has a unique number which is added, along with the owner’s name and information, to a national pet registry. Most veterinary hospitals and humane society’s have electronic scanners which read the number on your pet’s microchip and allow the pet to be returned home. At Palmyra Animal Hospital, we use the
ResQ microchip system.

Pharmacy and Prescription Diets

Our complete in-house pharmacy gives you the benefit of starting your pet's medication as soon as you get home. We are stocked with a broad spectrum of pharmaceuticals used commonly in veterinary medicine that can help your pet recover from an illness or surgical procedure.

Often ready at check-out, our trained staff is knowledgeable and gives instruction on appropriate administration techniques as well as daily recommended doses. Refills are easy and can be called-in for quick and efficient pick-up. Monroe Veterinary Associates also has an online pharmacy, where your pets medications can be ordered and shipped right to your door.

Many pets have dietary needs that can only be met by prescribed nutrition. Our hospital carries a number of prescription diets that are often part of a total health care plan for your pet. Our veterinary staff is able to tailor individual nutrition plans based on your pet's health needs.

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